GA International announces the launch of laser printable labels for frozen surfaces: CryoSTUCK®

LabTAG by GA International

These labels adhere to frozen surfaces, removing the need to thaw cryogenically stored samples that require re-labelling.

Since its launch, CryoSTUCK labels have served as a key product for LabTAG, GA International’s brand of laboratory labels. These labels are intended for the labelling and re-labelling of tubes and vials already stored in liquid nitrogen or low-temperature freezers. Previously, these labels were only available for thermal-transfer printers, and GA has now adapted them to laser printers as well.

With an adhesive designed for frozen surfaces, they can be applied to containers at a minimum application temperature of -80°C, removing the need to thaw samples before they can be re-labelled. Once affixed, they can be re-stored in cryogenic conditions, in temperatures as low as -196°C.

CryoSTUCK was originally designed for thermal-transfer printers in roll formats. After overwhelming demand from our customers, LabTAG is proud to announce that they have developed a laser printable version of our CryoSTUCK in sheet format for desktop laser printers, commonly found in most research laboratories. This is a unique breakthrough in product development as no similar products exist on the market.

GA International is the worldwide leader in manufacturing cryogenic labels. They offer a wide range of cryo labels, tags, and tapes, tailored for a variety of surfaces and containers, including cryo tubes, vials, metal racks, and cryo straws. Renowned for their custom manufacturing  services, they can manufacture labels without any restrictions on size, colour, or shape. GA also provides barcode printers, scanners, data printing, and data collection hardware and software to offer complete identification and tracking solutions to laboratories and medical facilities.

Learn more about CryoSTUCK labels here, or order your free samples here.

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