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    VETTE EDV – Consulting & Development develop and distribute process, production, and laboratory informatics software solutions.

    Quality is our mission! 

    We are a medium-sized software house with long experience in the food & beverage industry. We know the special features of the industry and know which functionalities you need. This enables us to respond even better to the needs and wants of our customers.

    Based on 17 years of experience together with our clients in intense research and software development, VETTE EDV has set new standards of effective Data Managements Systems for Processes, Production and Laboratory mainly in the Brewery and Mineral Water Industry.

    Simple, Practical, and Future-oriented

    We have developed our software around these key points. This is reflected in our Information-Management-Systems, TransGraph for “Production, Laboratory and Maintenance” & Jellycon for “Complaint-Management”.

    VETTE EDV is able to implement your demands quickly and efficiently, because we understand and know the industry’s processes and speak the same language.

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