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    Specac manufactures FTIR accessories, IR polarizers and pellet press products for Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy.

    London-based Specac Ltd is a manufacturer of analytical equipment comprising the best of British quality and cutting-edge technology. Leading the way in scientific optics and more since the 1970s, Specac’s experienced workforce of engineers, scientists and product specialists continue to innovate with new analytical technology.

    Customers of Specac Ltd have included:

    • petrochemical giants
    • household food brands
    • renowned universities
    • government and military
    • pharmaceutical
    • law enforcement
    • packaging and quality control
    • agricultural and ecological
    • space exploration agencies
    • materials producers
    • gas and mining

    The Specac product range can be divided into four broad categories:

    • Spectrometer sampling

    Infrared accessories that are compatible with a wide range of modern spectrometers. Tools include crystal ATRs, Specular & Diffuse reflectance devices and transmission cells for gases, liquids and solids. These accessories can function under extreme temperatures, pressures and other conditions and are ergonomically designed for simple use.

    • Sample preparation

    Sample preparation equipment includes handheld and bench-top manual and automatic hydraulic presses for spectroscopy pellet and film preparation. Specac also offers powerful grinding mils and a broad range of pellet dies, including a new semi-automatic die known as the Apex, that ejects your sample pellet independently.

    • Infrared Polarizers

    Polarizers and mounts are available in the near, mid and far-infrared. These polarizers either come free-standing or can be fitted into pre-existing accessories to supplement analysis. Specac can also discuss bespoke polarizer solutions.

    • Process flow cells

    NIR process flow cells are available for the online system analysis of liquids, gases or vapours. These cells are reliable and accurate compared to other flow cells and process probes available.

    You might be interested in learning more about a Specac Ltd analytical solution and would like pricing. Or you may wish to try out a tool for yourself. Either way, get in touch to learn more from a product specialist who can discuss the ideal solution that balances cost, performance and practicality.

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