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    Solo Containment is a global supplier of flexible film containment and isolator technologies

    We have been helping our customers contain a variety of processes and products in a range of from OEB 3 to OEB 5 potencies for many years.

    Find the right platform for your laboratory in our range. From pop-up bench top containment to large, free-standing, customised isolators designed for very high potency materials.

    Reduce your bottom line with single-use, flexible film:

    • No cleaning validation
    • Reduced cost
    • Improved and flexible ergonomics
    • Faster change over times between use

    Our customisable features offer enhanced safety and containment through:

    • Automatic pressure decay testing – Testing the system with negative pressure contains any products in the event of a break.
    • Continuous liner ports – The easy to use film canisters are disposed of with the unit reducing the risk of a containment breach.
    • Push change gloves – Safe and easy change of gloves.
    • HEPA filters and other high-risk parts that form part of the disposable enclosure.

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