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    Hitek Calibration work with you to deliver a comprehensive service tailored to your calibration requirements both onsite and mobile throughout the UK

    Can you trust your instrument readings?

    The fundamental reason for calibration is to ensure instrumentation can be relied upon for delivering accurate results.

    Hitek have over 20 years supplying calibration services from the UKAS accredited calibration house in West Sussex. Hitek was one of the first calibration companies to introduce a nationwide Mobile Calibration Laboratory to provide onsite calibration.

    Onsite Calibration

    • Postage & Packaging – Do you own many assets or test equipment which prevents shipping from being financially viable?
    • Size – Is your equipment too heavy or bulky to remove from site or could it be damaged in transit due to its size?
    • Part of a process – Is it preferable to calibrate the instruments onsite?
    • Equipment Downtime – Can you afford for test and measurement equipment to be sent off site for a short period of time?

    If you don’t have adequate space at your premises, we can come to you. Our mobile laboratory provides a clean and suitable work area for test and measurement equipment that needs to be calibrated onsite.

    Our experienced engineers can calibrate a range of test instruments including:

    • Electrical – Multimeters, Multifunction Testers, Loop/RCD/Insulation & Continuity Testers
    • Electronic – DC Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, Electronic Loads, LCR Meters
    • Pressure/Vacuum – Hydraulic Gauges, Handheld Pressure Meters
    • Radio Frequency Instruments – Frequency Generators/Counters, Spectrum Analysers
    • Dimensional – Scales, Vernier Calipers, Micrometers
    • Temperature Meters, Thermocouples
    • Torque & Force – Torque Wrenches/Analysers, Torque-drivers, Force Gauges

    To find out more or obtain a quote, visit our website here: https://www.hitek.co.uk/

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