Connector End Face Interferometer Testers by BBN International

Connector End Face Interferometer Testers by BBN International

BBN International introduce their Connector End Face Interferometer Testers.

Optical interferometers for measuring quantitatively the end face geometry and surface quality of fibre optic connector ferrules. The interferometers feature auto-focus, auto calibration and auto angle tuning for APC connectors. Interferometers for standard and MT connectors.

Connector End Face Interferometer Testers

Measurements as quick as 1.5s can be made with pass fail results. Individual characteristics derived from a single measurement include radius of curvature, apex offset, fibre height and APC angle. The software also provides a 3D image of the end face with a resolution of 290nm.

About BBN International

BBN International is a specialist supplier of fibre optic instruments, network systems, active devices, passive components and consumables to the telecom, datacom, aerospace, research, offshore, broadcast and sensor markets.
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